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The construction of our house is coming to an end and we will soon proceed to the end of construction report. In talking with a pro, we saw a probable defect on our site. In our initial estimate, prefabricated window sills were planned. They were not put, our builder arguing the width too wide openings and therefore that it does not exist. He made supports with concrete formwork. The problem is that these supports are not salient, and therefore no drop of water provided, and more, they are finished by a layer of plaster as the facade, just smoothed. There are bumps, it starts to crack, it holds dust and dirt dripping on the wall under the window since there is no rim. What to do? My builder offers me a "coating recovery" but I understand that we do not have the right to apply plaster on a horizontal flat surface... My windows being aluminum, there must be bibs in alu coordinates, is it up to me to pay them? Or do they have to be asked automatically because of the way of doing the supports?

If your window sill is not waterproof you may have seepage into the wall. According to what you describe, there is malfunction and at least non-compliance with the construction contract The supports made are not salient, there is no slope, and no water drops to evacuate the water of rains.

There are window sills sold by the linear meter. The justification of your company does not hold. The possible installation of the bibs will not ensure tightness if the masonry is poorly made. The bibs that must be added and not provided in the construction will be your responsibility.

When signing the acceptance report, it is imperative to make reservations on these window sills and to require compliance. The builder is bound by the Guarantee of Perfect Completion to carry out the works provided for in the contract in a clean and functional way which does not seem to be the case. Impose a reasonable period of time (eg 3 months) from the date of delivery of the house to perform the work properly.

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