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I want to replace the wooden planks on my terrace with synthetic wood planks. What do you think. Is it really as green as it says because it's "synthetic". Does not the color go with the water and the sun. Can you answer me quickly because the beautiful days are there and I can hardly use my terrace whose boards are all worm-eaten!

I think you're referring to "composite" wood boards, not synthetic wood, that is, boards made of wood and plastic fibers. I think it is indeed an excellent product, which imitates very well natural wood and whose behavior in time (hue and appearance) is perfect. On the "green" side, it is also a good solution since the wood comes from sawmill waste (we do not cut trees) and the plastic part comes from bottles and other recycled plastic bottles. In addition, maintenance side is really great... There is virtually nothing to do. Go see the site of FIBERON, which produces this kind of blades. You can download a manual.

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