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On a construction project in LA REUNION the builder proposes the house in American blocks or French blocks Why this double proposal? What are the differences? Benefits and quality of one or the other? A priori it is quite common at REUNION

Whatever the origin of the blocks, they must comply with standard NF EN 771-3. C. This is the case, for example, of the "American" blocks used in Reunion, particularly under the PREFABLOC or SCPR (local production companies) brands, which are the subject of a CSTB technical opinion. They must be implemented under the conditions of DTU 20.1. With regard to the method of manufacture of this type of block, the CSTB working group states that it has "favorably appreciated the use of this method in Reunion Island and, by extension, in the southern zone of the island. Indian Ocean where climatic conditions and similar construction practices meet.

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