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The truck mixer is a concrete mixer truck: it is used to deliver large quantities of ready-mixed concrete (BPE) at home or on construction sites. It is a simple and economical transport solution, which ensures you a quality concrete.

Concrete delivered at home in a truck

Concrete delivered at home in a truck

How to get concrete delivered to your home?

To be delivered in a truck, you have to go through the concrete manufacturers. They have a network of plants, whose maps are available on the Internet.
The concrete must be poured less than 2 hours after leaving the plant. Take care to choose a plant located at a maximum hour (a hundred kilometers) of your site. Thus, you will avoid unpleasant surprises in the timing.
In the same way, it is necessary to check the conditions of access of your building site. Can the truck pass the entrance of the land? Is the floor designed to support the weight of the truck? If the site is inaccessible, it will add a lurking or even a pump.

The advantages of truck delivery

You save time: you do not have to prepare your concrete, it is you delivered ready to use, at home. In addition, the concrete delivered must meet the quality standards in force (NF EN 206-1). It is of better quality than if you have prepared it yourself: homogeneous and fluid, in sufficient quantity available at the same time. Finally, it is important that the concrete is poured one block for a good resistance and avoid cracks when drying.

There are different delivery methods, to be defined according to the needs of the site:

  • in a truck: ideal for large volumes of concrete (up to 8m3), this is the basic option for an accessible construction site.
  • in carpet truck: The carpet allows to deposit the concrete within a radius of 15 meters around the truck. It is an ideal accessory for foundations, house floors or paving.
  • in truck pump: suitable for construction sites whose access is impossible, the pump allows to cross obstacles up to 25 meters high.

What price for concrete delivered at home by truck mixer?

The average price of concrete delivered in a truck mixer is between 100 and 150 € HT per m3. There are several factors involved in estimating the costs of truck delivery.

  • The type of concrete and the ordered volume
  • The distance between the power plant and the building site
  • The concrete manufacturerLafarge, Holcim, Vicat, Unibeton, Point P, Cemex, etc.
  • The type of truck chosen: carpet truck (between 150 and 200 € a day); pump truck (between 300 and 400 € the day)

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