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In the "concrete walls" family, if you are looking for walls made of lightweight material that respects the environment, there is no doubt that we are looking for concrete walls!

Cellular concrete, a type of concrete block

Like the concrete block, the cellular concrete is a type of concrete block, designed from various natural elements: water, gypsum, aluminum powder, lime, cement, and sand. A material that could not be more ecological!

Cellular concrete is often used for the structural work, and thanks to it, solid and resistant load-bearing walls (or not) are realized.

The blocks of cellular concrete are come in many forms, for all possible stages of a construction: smooth blocks, U blocks, corner blocks, lintel blocks, or interlocking (easy installation)...

The most common dimension of a cellular concrete block is: 62.5 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm. However, no standard has yet defined standard dimensions, and one can also find blocks of varying lengths and thicknesses.

To note: you never buy a block of cellular concrete that does not bear the CE mark!

The benefits of cellular concrete

Cellular concrete has many advantages, the most notorious of which are:

  • No need for interior insulation. This material is so insulating that with perfectly placed concrete walls, insulation from the inside of the house is not necessary! Thanks to the cellular concrete, we save jobs, and we gain living space!
  • Energy savings. Cellular concrete has another interesting capacity: during the day, the walls of cellular concrete absorb the heat, and restore it at night when it drops. With, in the key, of saves of energy!
  • Strong, stable but light walls. Logic, which says concrete says robustness and reliability in time! But as they are light, the pose is easier.

What budget for concrete walls?

The price of a block of cellular concrete varies according to its thickness, its shape, its mark, its range...

But if we refer to a standard block (62.5x25x20), we must count on average 5 euros per block. Knowing that for a square meter of wall, it takes more or less 6 blocks. The price of a concrete concrete wall is therefore close to 30 € / m².

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