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The design of a roof is the job of a professional because it can cause many difficulties, including condensation, if it is not installed in the rules of art. Focus on the problems of condensation under roof, and the solutions.

What causes condensation under the roof?

Condensation on the roof does not necessarily result from a leak in the roof. It is essentially due to errors in the assembly of the elements that compose it: under-roof screen wrongly used, improper installation of the vapor barrier, lack of doors, closing of the ridge when there is no place...
It can also sometimes come from the use of lumber that does not meet moisture standards (15% maximum in this case).
All of these workmanship lead to a ventilation insufficient air.

What are the consequences of condensation under the roof?

Condensation under the roof can cause many downgrades habitat, having a significant cost.
In addition to any mold smellse, it can cause rotting of beams and water runoff on other interior parts.

How to remedy a problem of condensation under roof?

The problem of condensation under the roof is not handled in the same way depending on whether the roof is wood or metal.

concerning wooden covers, it is advisable to use a screen of under-roofing. If it is a breathable screen (last generation of screen), it must be installed directly in contact with the insulation, and the ridge completely closed. If it is a non-breathable screen, as is the case for the majority of roofs mounted so far, then it must be left an air space of 2 centimeters on the underside of the screen (the ridge is not closed).

For metal covers, a condensation regulator must be used. This, forming a felted plate up to 3 millimeters thick, is generally integrated on the underside of the steel tray.

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