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Condensation on walls and windows

Lack of ventilation, excess moisture, seepage or water leaks and other factors can compromise the air quality in your home. To avoid condensation, the appearance of traces of moisture or mold, it is imperative to evacuate the water vapor or condensation produced by the activity inside buildings (showers, kitchen, washing, drying...). To combat the humidity that condensation reveals, it is recommended to use a moisture absorber.

The problems related to too much humidity in the air are numerous:
-The laundry is more difficult to dry. Residual humidity can become embedded, hardly detectable for those living in this saturated atmosphere beyond acceptable standards (- 65% humidity).
-This linen can then emerge a musty smell, because it is stored in a private cabinet of ventilation, and even become a mite nest.
-Excessive moisture can also be the cause of allergies, where repeated sneezing and headaches can lead to asthmatic complications especially in young children.
- Similarly, aches and rheumatism find a favorable ground and cause joint pain, or arthrosis both in the elderly and other occupants of the house.

Condensation on walls and windows: humidity

Moisture absorber - MAG6 refills
In which case use the moisture absorber:

Sanitizes and dries the air of rooms whose ambient humidity is too important, without danger for the man and his environment. Moisture absorber for wet rooms plus refill based on enriched magnesium crystals, from the pharmaceutical world. With the Moisture Absorber Dip, it's the end of the moisture problems!

Condensation on walls and windows: condensation

Advantages of the moisture absorber:
Does not irritate the skin based on magnesium chloride
Woven refill, protective bag
Packaging in 1 kg adaptable on all absorbers
Avoid odors, condensation, molds
Guaranteed efficiency up to 3 l of water
Duration of action of the refill: 3 months for a piece of 40 m3

Condensation on walls and windows: humidity

Living room, cellar, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, caravan, boat.

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