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I wish to raise an alarm in my house, and I went to LM who directed me on Somfy. But before he wanted to know the length of the house. I went back and depending on the distance 16 m I was advised evology by MYFOX, because the Somfy detectors are much more expensive. The Somfy presence detector does not cover the entire surface and you have to enter this zone to deactivate the control panel? Question what is the most reliable product? is a sum of 1000 € sufficient?

I do not understand the problem posed by the installer you consulted. It is totally useless for the presence detectors cover the entire surface of the house. The only important thing is that they cover the hotspots of your home, usually theEntrance (80% of burglars enter here...), the staircase if you have one, the vulnerable exits (for example the garage door, on which one will place a shock and / or opening detector), the rooms having a bay window giving on the outside. If some of these elements are too far from the power plant in relation to their range, nothing prevents them from connecting to it (or the box) wired. The fact of having to enter the coverage area of ​​a detector does not pose any problem if it is delayed (on 90 seconds for example) which leaves you plenty of time to deactivate the protection. As for the price, it is difficult to decide without knowing precisely the configuration of the premises, but a sum of 1000 € seems indeed sufficient for a traditional protection. Note that a subscription including theinstallation and remote monitoring is also a good solution (it's the one I personally adopted for a long time).

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