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To extend an old copper plumbing installation with a System D multilayer pipe system, you will learn how to install a bi-material (copper / multilayer) connector at the power supply.

Connecting a Multilayer Plumbing Network to a Copper Network

Insert a crimp fitting on a multilayer pipe

Insert the crimp fitting onto the multilayer pipe after carefully deburring it.

Use the crimping tool to put it in place.

Bi-material fitting

Multilayer copper connection:

  • Insert the crimp fitting onto the multilayer.
  • On the copper tube of the same diameter, slide the nut then the ring (or the olive) which seals the connection between the two materials.

Clamping a multilayer copper pipe fitting

  • Insert the copper tube into the fitting and, with two keys, tighten the assembly, making sure not to force too much.

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