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Connecting a radiator is the last step of the installation. Whether the radiator is electric or hot water, the connections must be made carefully to use your devices safely.

Connect an electric radiator

To connect your electric heater, you must comply with the NFC 15-100 standard. This gives you all the criteria for a secure connection.

Before you start the connections, turn off the power to avoid any risk of accident. Then connect the wires of your radiator to the conductors of your wall box:

  • The light blue thread is connected to the neutral conductor, which allows the distribution of the current.
  • The red wire is connected to the phase conductor, through which the current arrives.
  • The yellow and green thread connected to the ground. This wire only applies to Class 1 radiators. Class 2 radiators have reinforced insulation and therefore do not require a ground connection.
  • The black thread, if present, is connected to the pilot wire and allows the programmer to operate.

Follow the connection instructions supplied with your radiator: they will give you all the necessary indications for a good installation!

Connect a water radiator

To connect your water radiator, first tighten the nuts of your inlet valve and the adjusting tee, first by hand, then with a wrench. Also screw the water return hose. Check the connections before proceeding to the next steps.

Then fill the radiator with water. Open the radiator inlet valve and then the heating circuit fill valve near your boiler. Bleed the radiator. Once the air is exhausted the radiator begins to fill. Then re-screw the trap and close the fill valve.

Check the pressure of your device: in general, it is between 1.5 and 1.7 bar.

To connect a radiator, it is better to have some knowledge in order to proceed safely. Electric heaters and water heaters are relatively simple to connect. Other types of radiators using advanced technologies will require installation by a professional.

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