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Recent owner of an apartment on the 3rd floor, I had a professional install the evacuation of a washing machine on the evacuation of the hot water tank (diam.40): is it allowed by the state of the art? (the trustee tells me that it is forbidden...) This pipe being heavily obstructed by limestone (building> 20 years and hard water), the 1st floor apartment was flooded in the 1st use. In addition, the entire column's breathing is located in the closet of my apartment and not on the outside. Is it allowed or does it have to go outside for bacteriological reasons and odors? (we noticed these smells...)

Nothing prohibits connecting the washing machine to this drain, if it is of correct diameter, and if it is in good condition, which is the responsibility of the condominium. Apparently this was not the case. The amount of water from the normal operation of the water heater safety group being minimal, they can not overload the drain when your washing machine empties.

The descent column must be vented by ventilation (primary ventilation) opening into the roof. This helps to balance the pressures and to avoid noises and bad smells. You can therefore demand that this ventilation outlet does not open... in your closet!

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