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I am the 2nd owner for 3 years of a pavilion Khor floor built in 2005. The 1st owner decided to fall the walls of the garage, hallway, kitchen, living room, toilets from below to make a living room of 50m2. The trouble is that suddenly, there is only one toilet, upstairs for a house of over 100m2 with 2 young children. He partitioned in place of the garage a storeroom of 8m2, in which we placed washing machine, dryer. I would like to make a corner WC in this cellar. I found the evacuation of the washing machine that arrives on a pipe of 100. I would like to know if there is a technique and a tool PVC to evacuate the toilet and the washing machine on this pipe of 100 without return of odor. Thank you in advance.

In principle, connecting a toilet to the washing machine drain is possible if the house is connected to the mains drainage. It is more complex with a septic tank, the evacuation of the washing machine going to the treatment of greywater, which is not the case for toilets.
Normally, the evacuation of the washing machine is equipped with a siphon which avoids just the return of odors. The presence of a pipe of 100 suggests that it already evacuates the water from the first toilet (If this is not the case, you must provide a primary ventilation for this pipe, to avoid the defusing of the siphon and returns odor). The connection is enhanced by a quilting (element of laison), also PVC, available from traders and most DIY superstores. The assembly is done simply by gluing.

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