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The connection of a ceramic hob is subject to certain specificities and safety standards that are absolutely essential. To find in this article: our advice and recommendations to begin the connection of your plate vitro safely.

Connection of a ceramic hob

Connection of a ceramic hob

Connection of a ceramic hob: specificities and standards

The connection of a ceramic hob is not within the reach of all and requires to respect certain precautions.

  • Before any electrical installation, do not forget to turn off the power. An electrocution can quickly occur with very serious consequences.
  • For his connection, the vitro plate must be connected to a plug connected to the ground. Do not use an extension cord or multiple plug.
    Note that the outlet must remain easily accessible.
  • Standards regulate electrical installations, which must be scrupulously respected. Whether your ceramic hob is single-phase or three-phase, here you will have to refer to the standard NF15-100 for its connection:
Number of maximum use points per circuitMinimum sectionMaximum protection intensity
(protect the line on the board)
Single-phase ceramic hob16 mm²32 A32 A
Three-phase ceramic hob12.5 mm²20 A16 A

Complex connection of your ceramic hob? Call a pro

Connecting a ceramic hob to the electricity grid can be very complicated because of these safety standards.

An inevitable regulation however, because of the considerable risks represented by a faulty electrical installation:

  • breaker jumping at the moment of lighting your plate;
  • risks offires;
  • risks electrocution;
  • Etc.

To note: Check the cable supplied with your ceramic hob. If it is damaged, do not take any risk and do not hesitate to ask for a new one from the manufacturer of the device or its after-sales service.

If you do not feel the soul of an installer, you are strongly recommended to use the services of a professional electrician. You will be assured of a completely secure installation.

For information: the cost of intervention of a professional may vary from one company to another. Indeed, prices generally oscillate between 35 and 50 € / H (excluding travel cost).

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