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Is it true that municipalities will have to install the mains drainage on their territory by 2012? I would like to modify my sanitation system and switch to the EPARCO system but the cost is important. If the above question is true, I prefer to wait to make a connection to the whole sewer.

The date 2012 has been set by the European recommendations, but for the moment no law has been voted in this direction. By this deadline, the municipalities will not be obliged to install a collective sanitation system, but to zonage for sanitation of their territory, defining the type of remediation mandatory for individuals, depending on the nature their land, their position in relation to a watercourse, etc. And of course the obligation or not to connect to a mains drainage if the municipality decides to acquire it.

However, the law on water and aquatic environments voted on December 30, 2006 imposes new constraints. It obliges homeowners who are not connected to a wastewater collection network to maintain their non-collective sanitation facilities and bring them into compliance by 2012. These networks will be controlled by the municipality, which will have to carry out verifications and require compliance if necessary. This is to preserve the environment and groundwater pollution "wild".

Ask the technical services of your municipality or the SPANC (promotion site of non-collective sanitation) to know on the one hand the prospect of creating or not a collective sanitation network in your municipality, d ' on the other hand possible connection arrangements and companies able to implement it. The regulatory technical requirements are very strict and their non-compliance would incur your liability with all the consequences that this may entail. So distrust: find out before investing on a financially heavy system that might not be recognized by your municipality!

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