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From one model to another, the installation of a water heater can vary completely. However one constant remains, namely the respect of the regulations in force. The connection of a water heater, its connection to the power grid, is no exception. Our explanations and advice.

Electrical connection of a water heater: safety standards

To function, your electric water heater must be connected to the general electricity network via the meter of your home.

To make this connection, you have the obligation to respect the standard NF-C15-100 which ensures the safety of the installation and thereby to that of the inhabitants of the building.

To note: in order to fully comply with the recommendations of this standard, it is advisable to use the services of a competent professional.

General principles of NF-C15-100:

  • Mandatory use of rigid cables of section 3 x 2.5 mm² (mini in single phase). The length of the cables must also prevent any contact with the heating elements of the appliance.
  • It is forbidden to connect directly to the resistor. It must imperatively pass through the thermostat. Otherwise, the temperature of the water could no longer be controlled.
  • Before the final connection is put in place, the water heater must be "in water".

Make the connection of a water heater

Safety reminder: your first action will be to make sure the power is off.

Depending on the installation and your water heater, there are two types of connections possible:

  • the single-phase connection;
  • the three-phase connection.

Warning: if these technical terms are completely unknown to you or awaken in you distant memories, do not hesitate to contact an electrician. It's about your safety and that of your installation.

Before switching on the power and once the connection has been made, the safety cover of the device must be replaced.

After a few minutes of waiting (when the connection was made correctly) small drops of water come from the safety group of your water heater. This small flow attests the normal operation of the device and reflects its rise in pressure.

Warning: Water can be very hot when you first use a water heater. Remember to adjust the thermostat of the device.

Video Instruction: Electric Water Heater Installation