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PER and multilayer FIXOPLAC plumbing connections

The FIXOPLAC brand, from the SOMATHERM group, has developed universal solutions for the connection of sanitary ware powered by PER and multilayer behind backing, suitable for shower, bath, sink and sink.

Universal sanitary connection systems for PER and multilayer

Universal sanitary connection systems for PER and multilayer

The FIXOPLAC system simplifies the installation of the connections while reinforcing the partition. It participates in the airtightness, in accordance with the RT 2012. It is adapted to the different cases of installation in the bathroom, the shower, the toilets and for the connection of washing machines and lava -washing up. It is accompanied by specific faucets for these different cases.
It includes 3 types of connections:

  • Crimp;
  • sliding;
  • compression.

PER and multilayer FIXOPLAC plumbing connections: plumbing

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