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The price of a porch depends on different criteria, but one thing is certain, it is never given. There is however a solution to make real savings: the veranda at factory prices. Buying your porch without going through an intermediary can effectively reduce the cost of a porch.

What counts in the final price

As with any type of conservatory, the cost of a factory conservatory is based on a number of factors including:

  • her size;
  • the condition of the land on which it is to be installed;
  • the building materials used.

This last criterion is essential because the price of a veranda leaving the factory can vary considerably depending on whether it is made of wood, PVC, aluminum or even steel. The size of the veranda is also important because the bigger it is, the more expensive it is.

By choosing a veranda out of the factory, the final price does not include the costs due to the presence of an intermediary. Indeed, the producer sells directly his product to the interested individual by the purchase of a veranda.

Save money thanks to its veranda at factory prices

The main advantage of the factory veranda is the significant savings it can make. Indeed, since the sale takes place directly between the producer and the consumer, there is no intermediary. The price of factory verandas is therefore significantly reduced.

The cost of a porch differs depending on its shape. Thus, with some DIY knowledge, it is possible to opt for a veranda kit, this type of product to make significant savings. Very practical, the screened porch is pre-cut so that we can associate the parts ourselves by following the assembly steps. This is the cheapest product on the veranda market.

Opting for a factory veranda already offers the possibility of significantly reducing costs but the veranda kit factory outlet can still achieve up to 50% savings, this product is then proposed at unbeatable prices.

Since prices also vary depending on the building material used, it is possible to make some additional savings by choosing the cheapest material. You can opt for a PVC veranda that is quite cheap, unlike wrought iron verandas that are less attractive financially.

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