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With time, cracks often appear in the wood of furniture. We must quickly stop their evolution, to avoid irreversible deterioration.

Consolidate a damaged panel

Cutting a plate of medium to repair a piece of furniture

  • Cut a medium plate to the size of the repair to be made.

Saw from medium to jigsaw

  • Use a jigsaw equipped with a medium-toothed blade.

Sticking medium to fish glue

  • Glue the piece of medium to the fish glue, using a flat brush.
  • Advantage of animal glue, it allows a disassembly in case of error.

Maintain a collage several hours

  • Position the plate in the place to be consolidated, here, the back of the seat of a wooden chair.
  • Keep the collage in place for several hours.

Close a crack in the wood

Cut wooden wedges

  • Cut two wooden wedges the length of the slot.
  • Then drill them right through to the diameter of the hardware (the number of holes depends on the length).

Fixing wedges on a damaged piece of furniture

  • On the back of the cabinet, secure the shims on each side of the slot to the fish glue.

Glue the wedges with wood glue

  • Once the shims are in position, allow the glue to dry overnight for perfect adhesion.

Connect two shims

  • Connect the two shims with a bolt and a nut.
  • Tighten gently with a wrench.
  • By getting closer, the two wedges will close the slot.

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