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The constitution of a building permit application file is an important step to start some works well. How to take the steps, and what happens after the filing of the file?

The constitution of a file of application for building permit for house

The constitution of a file of application for building permit for house

Which works are covered by the building permit?

All works do not require obtaining a building permit. However, you must obtain this document if you are embarking on a new construction.

Similarly, you must obtain a building permit if you perform certain types of work on an existing building, including:

  • If the works change the utility of the building. For example, if you turn a commercial space into a living space.
  • If the building is on the list of protected historical monuments.
  • If the footprint or floor area of ​​your home is more than 40 m² following the works, or more than 20 m² if you are in an area not covered by a PLU, or if the total area of ​​the building is more than 170 m².

What steps can be taken to establish a building permit application file?

For the constitution of your file, it is necessary first of all to fill the cerfa form n° 13406 * 03 on the construction of a detached house. If it is a new construction, you will also need to provide a certificate of compliance with the thermal regulations.

Then send the file in 4 copies by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the town hall of your town, or drop it directly. Depending on the particular case, more copies may sometimes be necessary. At the filing of the file, the town hall will give you a receipt indicating the date of deposit.

Deadline for decision and appeal

Decision time depends on your type of dwelling. For an individual dwelling or its annex, count 2 months of delay. This is a data that must be taken into account in the planning of your construction project.

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