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Building a terrace without a concrete slab is perfectly possible, provided you understand the principles of construction and properly prepare the soil. Discover in this article how to build a terrace laid directly on bare ground.

Build a terrace without a concrete slab

Build a terrace without a concrete slab

Principle of construction of a terrace without concrete slab

Building a terrace without a concrete slab means that the construction rests directly on the bare ground. In order to replace the functions of the traditional concrete slab, several studs of fixtures are here installed to support the construction.

  • The terrace is based on concrete or PVC studs arranged at regular intervals.
  • The joists that form the supporting structure of the terrace, are installed directly on these studs.
  • The blades of the terrace are then arranged perpendicular to the joists.

To note: studs and joists are always installed at the same time in order to make up for the potential defects of the terrace covering.

There are two kinds of fixing studs:
1. adjustable PVC pads in height that it is not necessary to seal in the ground (simplified installation);

2. the concrete pads. These must be sealed in the ground with concrete and their height must be adjusted individually.

Terrace without concrete slab: imperative soil preparation

Preparation of a stable ground in crushed gravel

To achieve this type of construction, the soil must be brought to the right height and raked (or even disbursed), in order to obtain a perfectly flat and even surface.

Preparation of a soil to stabilize

Solution 1: sand or gravelSolution 2: Longrins
The bare ground can be covered with gravel or sand to stabilize it.

A terrace on studs should never be installed on freshly soiled ground because it may move. It will be necessary here to wait 1 to 2 years before beginning the work of construction of the terrace.

After this period, it is advisable to carry out a concrete surround around the terrace.

The sill is a structural element whose shape is similar to that of a beam.

To support the pads of the terrace, these concrete pads are installed in the ground at regular intervals, perpendicular to the joists.

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