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I buy a house off-plan and the developer incurs a damage-work to my name. Is this a standard contract? Should not I read it before? How does it work? How long does this contract last, in short, its validity date? How much does it cost? Knowing that the latter is included in the price. could you please give me more information about this type of insurance. I am very surprised that it is the builder who contracts this kind of insurance in my name without me having a prior view on a contract that I would hold and in case of problems that I am brought to appeal...

Before any purchase of a house in VEFA (sale in the future state of completion), always inquire about the promoter and the seriousness of his company because there are many disillusions in the context of these sales (stoppage of work, closing of the company...).
The damage-work insurance must be taken by the owner (that is you). Builders often offer it to you, but you are free to choose the insurer of your choice. The interest of the property damage insurance (which concerns only the parts of the house covered by the ten-year guarantee) is to allow to obtain a direct repair of the disaster, without having to look for the responsibility and this, within deadlines. very short. It also makes it possible to avoid discussions with the builder and to be able to have any repairs carried out even if the latter is defective (bankruptcy, liquidation, etc.) or if it has "volatilized" (which happens unfortunately often). As for the cost of such insurance, it depends on the type of construction and the quotation of the company or the manufacturer by the insurances.

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