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Often, the cellar is the forgotten room of the house. We store things we do not need and we do not want to open the door of this place. However, it is possible to improve the layout of a cellar by doing different work and bringing a decorative touch. It is even possible to transform the cellar into a living room.

Setting up a cellar

Setting up a cellar

The work to be planned

Before being able to consider the cellar as a place to frequent more often, it is necessary to schedule various works. First, it is essential to make a general inventory of places. Indeed, the winery is a often humid place and dark and you have to make sure the space is healthy. In particular, it is necessary to check for any water damage and ensure that no parasite has taken up residence there. In all cases, sanitation of the cellar is essential.

Once this stage is over, many possibilities are possible, according to the needs and desires of each one. In the case where the cellar has an opening, it is possible to transform into a living room, in the bedroom, in the games room or in the bathroom. It is also possible to create a projection room or a wine cellar.

Tips for properly landscaping the cellar

The winery is usually a place devoid of (or lacking) light. As part of the development of a cellar, it is necessary to make changes to the level of lighting and of ventilation. For this purpose, it is necessary to create windows and openings. If the air vents already exist, these can be widened. To bring even more brightness, some walls can be decorated with glass bricks. With regard to ventilation, it is recommended to choose a controlled mechanical ventilation system (VMC).

On the comfort side, it is essential to ensure that thermal and acoustic insulation are excellent. Modifications can be made to the ground: a dry concrete screed for example is an excellent choice because this material is resistant and impervious. As for the walls, they can be upholstered with natural insulators, preferably ecological such as mineral wool or expanded cork.

The last stages of the development of a cellar

Before you can enjoy this unusual place, do not forget the electricity and the heating system. As with all previous steps, modifications must be made in strict compliance with current safety standards.

As for decoration and finishes, the electrical wires as well as the possible insulators can be judiciously hidden behind a formwork.
Side floor and wall coverings, the choice is wide: tiles, tiles, parquet, false parquet, marble, plasterboard... It is advisable to bet on light tones to illuminate the space and give an impression of grandeur. Be careful not to overload the decoration: mirror and contemporary colored furniture are welcome to contrast with the dark and intimate side of a cellar.

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