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Building a mezzanine is an act that is reflected and depends on the configuration of your home and its ceiling height. It is, however, ideal for creating additional living space and bringing a warm touch to your entire home. Find out what the different types of mezzanine are and how to install them.

Construction of a mezzanine

Construction of a mezzanine

Why build a mezzanine?

There are various reasons that can make you want to have a mezzanine installed in your home. The first is to exploit a high ceiling height to create additional living space. Indeed, if you have a ceiling height which is around 4 m, you can perfectly consider a mezzanine since a height of 1.90 m above and 2 m below is required. You can double the living space of your home. To build a mezzanine, it is also the occasion to bring a little volume to a not harmonious whole or to create a warm atmosphere with cocooning spirit. Mezzanines are generally used to install a guest room, an office or even a playroom for children.

Mezzanine on feet or suspended?

The most classic of all and also the easiest to install is the mezzanine on support feet. Also called mezzanine platformit rests on pillars that have the disadvantage of taking up floor space below and sometimes weighing down your entire room. It is also the most affordable type of mezzanine in terms of price. Count about 1000 euros for the cheapest.

The mezzanine can be installed by an individual provided you have talents of handyman. The suspended mezzanine, is more complicated to put in place since it must be attached to the frame or the ceiling structure. It consists of a mixture of materials to lighten as much as possible. To build a suspended mezzanine, it is mandatory to call an architect or mason for its design.

What to do

If you decide to build a classic mezzanine of less than 20 m², you will simply have to declare the work to your town hall. Beyond, a building permit application must be filed. In the case of a suspended mezzanine, it is essential to obtain a building permit and this, whatever its surface. Know that a mezzanine on feet rests on 4 pillars that must be sealed on the floor and ceiling. They must also be interconnected to create the frame of the future floor of your mezzanine. Finally, remember that by creating a mezzanine, you have an additional living space and that this affects the amount of your housing tax.

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