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Building a pergola is not improvised and often requires the intervention of a professional. Remember to follow certain steps and study the different points to consider before you start.

Construction of a garden pergola

Construction of a garden pergola

The location of the pergola: an essential criterion

Before beginning the construction of a pergola, it is essential to think carefully about its location, because it will be final. To do this, start by measuring the space available at the place where you think, and take into account sun exposure to know what will be the gray areas. Know that the pergola can be of two different types:

  • The pergola can be leaned against a wall of your home, in which case you can install it on a terrace, and this will allow you to have direct access to your home. In addition, the pergola will help regulate the temperature of the adjoining room.
  • The pergola can be self-supporting (or freestanding), which allows you to install it in the middle of the garden, and you can connect it to your home by an alley, for example. It can also be placed in a corner of the garden to benefit from a more intimate space.

Authorizations and steps to build a pergola

Before the construction of the pergola, go to the town hall to consult the PLU (Local Urban Plan), to ensure that you comply with the obligations imposed. In absolute terms, know that if the surface of your pergola is greater than 20 m², you will have to apply for a building permit. If you live in a classified area, near a historic monument, you should also contact the Architect of Buildings of France. Finally, if you install a pergola leaning against a wall of your home, you must file a preliminary declaration of work, because these pergolas change the appearance of the house.

The steps of building a pergola

You are about to start building your pergola. One last point deserves all your attention, who will take charge of mounting or manufacturing it. Indeed, the pergola remains an imposing element whose structure must be perfectly solid and stable, because a collapse could have important consequences. If you are really handyman, you can try to get started on this project. But if not, it is best to call a professional who will build the pergola quickly, following the safety rules and you can collect valuable advice. Before mounting your pergola, be sure to be equipped accordingly, because many tools are essential. Finally, you will follow some essential steps:

  • Measure the location from the dimensions of your pergola and delimit its surface with ropes and stakes.
  • Dig relatively deep holes.
  • Secure the posts securely and plant them in the ground.
  • Pour concrete around the posts to secure them to the ground.
  • Let the concrete harden during 24.
  • You can install the pole supports.
  • Attach the posts to the brackets you have installed.
  • Install the slats on the posts.
  • Screw the sleepers in their place.

Your pergola is ready, you just have to install a table, chairs and some chairs for example, to enjoy!

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