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For all the work to be done at home by professionals, it is strongly recommended to have two or three quotes drawn up by specialized companies. What should your terrace estimate include?

Construction of a terraces, the good estimate

Construction of a terraces, the good estimate

The terrace, your needs

To establish a quote, it is necessary to know exactly what you want.

It should be known that it is possible to provide materials elsewhere than the artisan. It can therefore intervene for the pose only. However, it can also supply the building site in materials, for that, it will be necessary to choose the type of terrace: in teak wood or pine, in stone, marble or limestone, in concrete, polished or not... If you hesitate, it is all It is possible to ask two quotes from the same contractor. It is also necessary to determine the surface of the terrace, the size of the wooden boards, the tiles, the slabs of stone or concrete, the size and the height of the beams if the terrace is on stilts, the specificities if its form is not conventional and if you have plans. The estimate must be detailed so as not to receive a bad surprise at the end of the work.

Earthworks will be necessary upstream and it is possible to remove an old terrace, the estimate must mention the amount to provide for the destruction of the existing.

The estimate of the terrace, the practical side

The estimate of the terrace must begin with the description of the request. It must mention whether an application for a building permit - mandatory for a terrace with an area greater than 20m² - has been filed.

It is necessary that the estimate determines the duration of the work.

In the case where the contractor supplies the materials, ask for related documents. Indeed, if you opt for a wooden terrace, make sure it is really wood, ditto for other types of terraces.

The law requires entrepreneurs to mention a certain amount of information concerning them: The company name, its activity and its SIRET number, the price of parts and materials, the quantity and quality of materials, the cost of labor, the estimate of the duration of the work, the VAT, the mention "read and accepted", the date and the signature of the contractor.

Some quotes include the validity period of the offer and sometimes the tariff revision conditions.

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