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I just built an L-shaped house, the valleys do not comply with D.T.U. 40.211 (flat clay interlocking earthenware roofing). On January 23rd, 1 cubic meter of snow came back to the level of the valleys, the firemen helped me for the clearing. Following a recommended to the builder as well as the perfect insurance completion (to date the reserves are not lifted, at 8/06/07 there will be 1 year that the house is finished). I had no response from the manufacturer (for him it is normal that the snow comes in). Is this normal, if not what are the possible remedies?

Send a letter with AR threatening to seize the court.

Impose a deadline for the execution of the works (max 60 to 90 days).

Ask for an interim order authorizing you to have the work carried out by another company at the manufacturer's expense and possibly to release the holdback.

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