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The dining room is a friendly place where we like to meet around a good meal, especially when the setting is nice. The decoration of this piece is therefore essential. Our tips for creating a contemporary dining room.

A contemporary dining room

A contemporary dining room

Design and decorate a contemporary dining room

The contemporary style combines several types of decoration, namely design, modern, industrial or Scandinavian. The main subtlety is knowing how to mix genres to decorate and decorate a contemporary dining room.
In a contemporary dining room, furniture usually has straight, clean lines and may have geometric patterns (square, rectangle, triangle).
The contemporary style deco plays on transparency, as well as on the contrast of matte and shiny textures.
To successfully develop and decorate a contemporary dining room, it is necessary to focus on comfort and sobriety, but also authenticity and modernity.
For the decoration of a contemporary dining room, it is advisable to choose neutral colors such as black, gray, or beige and to add a brighter color such as red or orange. Contemporary decor is often mostly plain, with few patterns and prints, especially on fabrics.
In order to perfect the layout of its contemporary dining room, it is preferable to opt for elements that consist of raw materialsLike metal, wrought iron, wood, plexiglass, glass, or even leather.

Accessories and furniture of a contemporary dining room

To create a contemporary dining room, the choice of the table and chairs is essential and constitutes the heart of the decor.
Often, the furniture of a contemporary dining room is rather basic. You can especially invest in priority in the following furniture:

  • metal or Scandinavian chairs, not necessarily matched;
  • a large rectangular wooden or glass table with metal legs;
  • a wooden dresser or buffet with glass parts;
  • a dark leather armchair.

If the furniture sets the scene of a contemporary dining room, the accessories allow to personalize the whole. To give a contemporary style to your dining room decor, some accessories are essential, namely:

  • paintings, works of art, and / or photos on canvas to fix on the walls;
  • a chandelier or several suspensions to be placed above the table;
  • a white or black floor lamp with industrial design;
  • a carpet with short hairs in shades of gray or beige;
  • mirrors of all shapes and sizes;
  • curtains or sheers of color for the modern side.

If you have the opportunity, the creation of an indoor canopy will bring a touch of originality to your contemporary dining room.
A polished concrete floor or herringbone parquet is particularly suitable for a contemporary interior.
And to warm up the atmosphere of your dining room, consider having several types of plants and flowers throughout your room.

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