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I was contacted by a company for the maintenance of my photovoltaic panels that offers me a contract over 15 years that would cost me 6 200 € or about 34 € monthly. For this sum, they clean the panels, check the entire installation of the network with change of equipment if necessary. Can you tell me if this is necessary?

of the photovoltaic sensors should be cleaned once a year, so as not to degrade their yield, which is no more difficult than washing tiles (apart from the fact that they are on the roof). Apart from this post, they are theoretically designed for a lifetime exceeding twenty years. In the current state of technology, breakdowns mainly concern UPS, which transform the direct current in alternating current. Depending on the power of your installation, its cost is between 350 and 1000 €. In these conditions, pay 6200 euros for an annual cleaning and the possible replacement of an inverter does not seem very realistic... and could be akin to a scam.

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