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I am very annoyed. Let me explain my situation. I own a townhouse. I have an entrance hallway with 2 ceiling lights and 3 switches (1 when entering, 1 in the middle and 1 at the other end of the hallway). the middle one controls this corridor and the stairlift. the light from the corridor remains lit and impossible to extinguish. I have already tested by putting me near the meter to see which of these 3 switches did not "click" when you press it and it is apparently the middle I just changed the switches and the problem persists. what should I do?

You do not specify if the installation was working normally before. Whether it's a back and forth or a remote switch (which is probably the case if you hear a "click" near the meter (more likely near the electrical panel, where is the mechanism of the remote control switch) the problem can come from one of the three switches (toggling for a back and forth, to push for a remote switch) failed: faulty contact, switch off.The use of a tester can also verify a possible shutdown on the system.If you doubt your skills in electricity, it is better to call an electrician.

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