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I have my roof redone and attic insulation and crawling. Do I have to take a property damage insurance? Can I trust the decennial warranty of the craftsman? If so, who to contact?

The ten-year guarantee is normally reliable insurance and covers you for 10 years after the receipt of the work for all the elements of the construction whose failure would make the house uninhabitable. It concerns the elements "which compromise the solidity of the work or which, affecting it in one of its constituent elements or one of its elements of equipment, make it unfit for its purpose." The elements of equipment are specified in Article 1792-2 of the Civil Code (Article L. 111-15 of the CCH).

It must of course that the company has subscribed and it has its insurance premiums. Before signing a contract, ask for a decennial insurance certificate from the company and ask about the financial and legal health of the company that will carry out your work (consult the sites giving you the financial and legal information of companies, such as Maybe do a little investigation in the area: the word of mouth works very well and you will find the reputable and reliable company.

Regarding your work, the property damage insurance (indeed mandatory) as the decennial relates only to the cover itself, not the insulation.

For'property damage insurance, see the FICHE dedicated to it on our site.

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