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The mixed cooker is a must for those who consider cooking to be an art! Indeed, you can opt between gas cooking or electric plate, according to your needs. Zoom on this new practical and trendy alternative...

Mixed cookers

Mixed cookers

Operating mode of a mixed cooker

A combination cooker associates a electric oven, a hob with gas fireplaces (usually consisting of three plates) and often an electric plate. Thus the mixed cooker receives two sources of energy: electricity and gas. It can work with city gas or a gas cylinder, electric plates, as for them, are generally in vitroceramic or inductionot.

Mixed ranges are ideal for combining the benefits of gas kitchen, more traditional, and those of cooking with electric plate, more modern. Moreover, in case of gas failure, the electric plate can take the relay.

Choose a combination cooker is a good solution, for those who can not decide between gas and electricity, but also for those who like adapt their cooking methods to the different dishes they plan to make. The gas makes it possible to simmer over low heat and to grasp the meat over high heat while the electric oven makes it possible to better control the cooking of the food.

Why choose a combination cooker?

Mixed ranges offer many benefits. As mentioned above, a gas failure will no longer prevent cooking. Mixed ranges fit as well into a large as into a small kitchen. In addition, the cooking methods can be more easily adapted to your request and your desires.

There is still a small inconvenience. It is necessary to have many pans in duplicate: some for gas, others pots and pans compatible for electric or induction hobs.

Where to find my mixed stove and the criteria of choice?

A mixed cooker is not chosen at random. It must take into account its dimensions and those of your kitchen so that it is perfectly integrated. Also think about diversifying the size of the plates to combine large and small cooking zones.

It is also necessary to take the time to select the second type of plate after the gas: electric, induction or glass-ceramics do not offer the same characteristics. Finally the oven is also to select with attention. Many options are proposed as the oven pyrolysis or catalysis for example. We must also take into account the noise criterion or the energy class (choose a model rated A).

The price of mixed cooks vary by brand and performance, between 250 and 500 euros.

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