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In hot weather, when the temperature lowers just at night and the buildings stay warm, air conditioning is a real comfort. But how to refresh several rooms in the house without multiplying the air conditioners? What type of devices to choose: The multi-split air conditioner or the ductable?

A split system to cool the entire house

To effectively air-condition several rooms without multiplying the air conditioners, you need to install a split system. It is currently the most widespread and simple type of air conditioning.
A single unit placed outside the house is connected to a (mono-split) or several (multi-split) units installed in the various rooms to be air conditioned. Depending on the model, you can set up 2 to 9 indoor air conditioning units.

The outdoor unit includes the compressor and the condenser. Inside, the evaporator emits cold. The outdoor unit is connected by a network of small diameter ducts to each indoor unit.

Depending on your needs, you can choose different indoor units: Floor console type for living rooms and wall type for bedrooms and office. You have a wide choice of design to integrate the indoor units to the style of your home.

Each unit can be equipped with a remote control to allow you to adjust the temperature piece by piece to the nearest degree.

A ducted air conditioner for air conditioning by zonification

The ducted air conditioner is the most discreet air conditioner since only the ventilation grids are visible in the different rooms of the house. You no longer have consoles wall or apparent soil. However, you need to have room to install the air conditioner in the attic or in a false ceiling. A duct system allows the diffusion of air in each room.

Each room served by the air conditioning is equipped with a thermostat which allows you to set a set temperature. The ducts are equipped with a regulation that adjusts the air flow according to the set temperature. This type of installation is called air conditioning by zonification (or by zonning).

It is an efficient and economical air conditioning system since. In addition, regulation can be wired or wireless. An interesting option for an installation in the old car, it requires little work.

Good to knowMost air conditioning systems are reversible. They produce cold summer and heat in winter (heat pump mode).

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