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Are you tired of the rising price of running water? You do not want to see your plants wither in the summer because of high temperatures and prohibitions to water? The watering pump is the ideal solution to allow you to lower your water bills!

What is a watering pump?

The watering pump allows recovering water from a water point such as a pond, a pond, a personal well or its rainwater recuperator in order to use it to water your garden or use it in your own home. Rather than paying for additional water, it is possible to get water for free through the watering pump.

The different watering pumps

It is possible to choose between a surface watering pump and a submerged watering pump. They are divided according to the difference in elevation with the water point. Thus, when the height difference is less than 7m, it is possible to use a surface pump, but when it is greater than 7m, it is preferable to opt for a submerged pump.

The surface pump is located above the water point and is intended, among other things, for watering the garden and cleaning the outside. There are single-cell pumps that are primarily tailored to the needs of individuals and multi-cell pumps that offer greater capacity and throughput than the first.

The submersible pump is submersible and is placed in a well. It is able to infiltrate very narrow holes to recover water thanks to its tubular shape. These pumps can power the garden and the house. They make no noise and are necessarily multicellular.

How to choose your watering pump?

Different criteria can intervene in the choice of its watering pump as:

  • The intended use of the recovered water;
  • The water point available;
  • Its ease of transport and its ergonomics;
  • The noise emitted during the operation of the pump;
  • The presence of a safety system to stop the pump when there is no water to recover;
  • The ability to automatically start and stop the watering pump;
  • Its price, which may vary from fifty to a few hundred euros depending on the presence or not of the various characteristics mentioned above, the flow rate allowed by the pump and its power.

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