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Halfway between the cordless screwdriver and the screwdriver, this high-end model displays great power for a master key.

PowerGrip Li Cordless Screwdriver from Métabo


Maker: metabo
Reference: PowerGrip Li
Voltage: 7.2 V, Li-Ion battery of 1.1 Ah
No load speed: 0 - 250 rpm
Max torque: 15 Nm
Torque adjustment: 5 + maximum torque
Toolholders: spindle with hexagon socket
Speed: a fast stop
Loading time: 30 min
Weight: 730 g with battery
Accessories: delivered in a soft case with a battery of 1.1 Ah Li-Ion, a charger and 7 screwdrivers
Price generally found: 99 Euros (eco-tax included)

In use

Getting started
The upper part of the device has many similarities with the "PowerMax" cordless screwdriver from the same manufacturer, tested in our test bench in December 2007. But the comparison stops there. Because if the "PowerMax" suffers from some criticism in terms of ergonomics (handle rather large, front-rear rocker impractical...), this "PowerGrip Li" (lithium) is very attentive. Clutching the back of the handle like trigger, pleasant grip, beam of light on the work area... The neat presentation of the tool in its soft briefcase can give gift ideas.

With a maximum torque of 15 Nm, screwing into hardwoods is not a problem. And to avoid force at the end of screwing, the crown of adjustment of the torque offers up to nineteen positions if one counts the intermediate notches. To use this power for drilling, you can add a mandrel (accessory). Simply unscrew the small crown next to the bit holder and screw the mandrel instead.

Capable of endurance during repetitive screwing (for example, the fixing of the lines or the mounting of plasterboard), this screwdriver is appreciated for its lightness. The trigger acts as a real accelerator, allowing a progressive start to "bite" without a pilot hole.

The multiple notches of the torque adjustment are enough to find the right compromise: solid wood, chipboard, melamine panel... In each case, we found the corresponding setting without forcing the end of screwing.

Yielding to the current trend, the manufacturer has added a beam of light on this new machine. Good idea: directed to the screwing area, this small light ray can see well in the corners (inside a kitchen cabinet, screwing under the slope against the cheeks of the rafters...). And, as it is triggered by slight pressure on the trigger, you can turn it on before the bit holder starts rotating.


  • More efficient than a cordless screwdriver.
  • The lithium battery has a good battery life and the charging time is quite short.
  • The possibility of adding a mandrel allows small holes in the wood or metal.

The lessers

At almost 100 Euros, this model sets the bar high enough for the equipment of a casual handyman. Too bad a second battery is not delivered with the same price.

Our opinion

No criticism on the quality of manufacture and the effectiveness of the screwings. This machine is intended for regular DIYers, eager to equip a cordless screwdriver light enough. And ready to spend a little more than just a wireless screwdriver.

Size, weight and accessories

Size, weight and accessories

Space-saving, the screwdriver easily sneaks between the rafters. Its lighting helps to target the holes of the lines in the dark corners. The low weight reduces fatigue.

Battery, charger and storage

Battery, charger and storage

The battery is extracted from the bottom and the charger is only 30 minutes to restore vigor lithium batteries. The tool fits in a soft, practical and aesthetic case.

Video Instruction: Аккумуляторная дрель шуруповерт Metabo Power Grip Li