The Content Of The Article:

The cork


Insulation. Floor and wall coverings.




Brown to black (if expanded).


Is a component of linoleum. Can also be used as paving slabs. Participates in the construction by entering the composition of lightweight concrete and insulating screeds. Panels and granules in bulk for insulation (expanded cork). The corkoro (composite insulation made from coconut fiber and cork).


For insulation, the expanded cork traps the air in its micro-cells. For linoleum, lightened concrete and insulated screeds, it is first reduced to powder.

Uses for the house:

Participate in the construction. Insulation of attics, walls, floors and roofs. Floor coverings (mainly).


Not attacked by insects and rodents. Raincoat. Very good resistance to moisture. Very good fire resistance. Very good mechanical resistance to compression.


Raw material that is renewable but requires time (the time required for the bark to reform is about ten years). Not suitable for mass use in respect of nature.

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