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Contrary to what its name implies, a corner shower is much more than a shower that is placed in an angle! Whether in terms of size, shape or materials, it is above all a shower that offers many possibilities...

The corner shower

The corner shower

Presentation of the corner shower

As the name suggests, the corner shower is a closed shower enclosure that we will find in the angle of a room, usually the bathroom.

But not necessarily elsewhere, and that's the strength of the corner shower: the corner shower cabin can easily find its place in every corner (that's the case!) Of the house ; thanks to her, you can turn any room into a shower room!

Corner shower: a wide variety of models

Just because you leave the corner shower in the corner does not mean you have to neglect it! The manufacturers have understood very well, and the least we can say is that with all the possibilities, difficult to have the same corner shower as his neighbor!

  • The form: There are rectangular, square or quadrant corner shower cabins.
  • The doors of a corner shower can be swinging, sliding, swiveling, folding. These doors open either from the front, or at an angle, from the right or the left, or from both sides at the same time.
  • The materials: Once again, we are spoiled for choice. We can opt for a corner shower in metal (chromed steel, aluminum, bronze, brass...), composite, glass (transparent, screen printed, safety glass frosted or smoked...), natural stone (marble for example) or plastic (usually PVC).
  • The dimensions: again, the dimensions are very variable! We can find smaller models (70x70cm, 80x80cm, 90x90cm) as larger models (up to 130x130cm), not to mention the possibilities of making your shower angle tailored to the room in which you want to install...

Advantages of the corner shower

The success of the corner shower has only increased in recent years. And the explanations are numerous:

  • The choice. As we have just seen, the corner shower offers very many development possibilities that adapt to our tastes and needs.
  • Perfect for small spaces. The corner shower is the ideal solution when you have a small bathroom; we place a cabin of 70x70cm with sliding door in a corner, and we still have room!
  • A shower... but not that! With a corner shower, you can wash, of course. But if we also want to relax, we choose a cabin "hammam", "sauna" (or a cabin that does both!) "Hydromassage" or " vapor bath "…
  • A wide range of prices. The corner shower could not be more affordable: around € 200 for "standard" models (aluminum or plastic, 80x80cm). Obviously, the price will increase with the dimensions, the quality of the materials and the different options (counting 350 euros for a hydromassage shower, and up to 2000 € for the high-end models multi-options.)

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