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The maintenance contract for water heater is a good way to ensure the essential maintenance of this sanitary heater. Estimate of the tariffs practiced in this frame, and return on the reasons causing variations of price.

Why take out a maintenance contract for water heater?

It is possible to subscribe to this type of contract during the installation at home of the water heater by a professional.

But what are the reasons for taking out a water heater maintenance contract?

  • The contract is underwritten in order to respond to the annual maintenance obligation for gas-fired water heaters.
  • The contract is recommended but remains not required, as part of regular maintenance of water heaters running on electricity.
  • The contract is not compulsory, but always strongly recommended, may be subscribed for the maintenance of water heaters operating with solar energy (major maintenance to intervene every 4 to 5 years).

What price for my water heater maintenance contract?

Estimated price tables for water heater maintenance contracts:

Maintenance rates for a water heater

Minimum costAverage costMaximum cost
100 €125 €250€

Cost of a maintenance contract depending on the type of water heater

Gas water heaterSolar water heater
100 € à 150 €120 € à 250 €

The monthly formulas that can be proposed here:

Annual maintenance visit
Features- Workforce
- Traveling
- Parts included
- Descaling potential
- Troubleshooting
- Workforce
- Traveling
Price~ 10 € / month~ 7 € / month~ 6 € / month

* Rates are indicative and may vary depending on the estimate.

Criteria for Variation of Maintenance Contract Rates for Water Heaters

There are therefore significant tariff variations from one maintenance contract to another.

  • It should be noted that the price of the contract will not be the same depending on the services it provides and the conditions of intervention that it allows (delays, taking care of certain repairs, etc.).
  • There is also a variation in the rates charged according to the company contacted and the area of ​​intervention.

Prices are, for example, significantly higher in the Paris region.

To note: The multiplication of requests for quotes remains the best way to find the maintenance contract for water heater at the right price.

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