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Geothermal energy for individuals is becoming more and more popular. And it makes sense: in addition to being natural and efficient, this heating system can achieve significant savings. But before you make money, you have to spend it... Let's look at the cost of a geothermal installation for individuals.

Costs of a geothermal installation for individuals: the various workstations

We are not going to lie, the initial investment is rather heavy: to heat up using the energy of the soil requires a larger investment than to heat with gas or electricity.

A geothermal installation requires three items of expenditure:

  • Capture. The price will not be the same depending on whether you opt for a geothermal heat pump with horizontal or vertical capture.
    Indeed, horizontal capture represents a lower cost: approximately 150 € / m², against 200 € / m² for vertical capture.
    If vertical capture is more expensive, it requires the installation of two geothermal probes that will be installed several tens of meters deep, after drilling in the ground. Drilling costs are estimated between 50 and 80 € / meter of probe.
  • Equipment. For the complete equipment (heat pump + heat exchanger), it is generally necessary to rely on a cost of 5000 €.
  • Hardware installation. Finally, we must connect our broadcast network to the newly installed capture system. Radiators, a floor heating, a hot water tank for example.

If we do a global calculation, we can estimate that a square meter heated by geothermal energy, from its underground collection to its diffusion in the house, returns to 150 € approx.

As a general rule, for a house of 120m², it is necessary to count in the 30 000 €.

To note: a geothermal installation for the individual also requires an annual maintenance, for which it is necessary to count approximately 150 € / year.

The possibility of lowering the cost of a geothermal installation for individuals: tax credit and subsidies

That we are reassured if we were a little chilled by the amount of investment: there is help!

  • A tax credit. Using renewable energy is good. The state grants a tax credit of up to 25% on the price of the heat pump and the heat exchanger.
  • Departmental or regional grants. To install a geothermal heating system at home, we can also seek the help of the state, via the department, the region, or the national agency of improvement of the habitat.

As this aid is specific, it is necessary to inquire at our town hall, or the Info Energy center of the region.

  • VAT at 5.5%. The 2014 finance law created a rate of 5.5% for the energy quality improvement work of a house, if they are eligible for the sustainable development tax credit.
  • EDF. We can also try to obtain funding for our project from our EDF agency.

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