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Installing an alarm system in your home can increase comfort and serenity. However, this comes at a price and installation costs tend to blow up the bill. Even if installing it yourself is quite tempting, it is better to use a professional who, in addition to his expertise, you will enjoy significant financial benefits.

Each model has its installation costs

The installation price for an alarm system depends on various factors such as the model chosen, the complexity of the installation and the professional who is responsible for the installation. Know that the price of a wired alarm oscillates between 150 and 800 euros while for a wireless alarm it oscillates between 200 and 1000 euros. The wired alarm is less expensive to buy. However, it is much more difficult to install and requires knowledge of masonry to conceal the system and wires. Its installation costs are therefore quite expensive. Conversely, the wireless alarm is easier to install which reduces the intervention time of the technician and therefore the price of labor at the same time. Know that on average the total cost of an alarm system, including installation, rises between 2000 and 3000 euros whether it is a wired model or a wireless model.

Install an alarm system: who to call?

Even though wireless alarm models seem very easy to install, it is best to go through a professional. Your security and your serenity depend on it. Some ready-to-install models can be tempting but it's better to choose a quality equipment which will be installed by a certified electrician. Do not hesitate to have several quotes (at least 3) to compare prices on the market. Word of mouth is also a good way to find a competent professional.

Reduce the amount of the invoice

If installing an alarm system in your home seems expensive, there are ways save money without downgrading the quality of the equipment chosen. Know first that if you go through a professional for the purchase and installation of your alarm system, you can enjoy a reduced rate of VAT of 5.5%. The National Agency for the Improvement of Habitat (ANAH) also offers subsidies to finance the purchase and installation of alarm system. Finally, be aware that it is possible to obtain extended insurance coverage when you care about the safety of your home.

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