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There is a small device that costs around 5 euros in DIY store. This is the daily programmer.

If you are using a radiator like an oil bath, you can connect it to this programmer and plan to heat it at the right time, starting half an hour or an hour before your arrival, for example.

So on your arrival the room will be tempered and you will adjust according to what the thermometer placed in the room says.

AND ATTENTION: NO THERMOSTAT A bottom, unless you want to waste, adjust about half. A resistor works all or nothing, ie it does not heat harder than the thermostat is 8 or 4. The power is the same since a thermostat is an automatic switch.

The thermostat affects the DURATION of operation of the resistor, and the conso is not only proportional to the power, but also to the operating time.

These small programmers very simple and inexpensive allow a GOOD MASTER OF ENERGY. We heat properly but not unnecessarily. With the price of energies climbing, it is better to pay attention.

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Video Instruction: How to use a digital central heating programmer