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I would like to have your expert opinion on the AKRO TOIT tiles. I want to cover a carport, and I like this solution. Ditto for the medium-term house. But I prefer to have your opinion. What about their photovoltaic tile (it tempts me).

This type of ABS tile is well adapted to the cover of a carportbecause very light (from 4 to 5 kg / m2), compared to a terracotta tile. There is not enough perspective to estimate the durability of the product. There may eventually be fading discolorations, especially in the sunniest regions. It is not particularly interesting to use this product for the roofing of a detached house, except for an over-roof, or in the case of a frame that can not withstand the weight of the house. terracotta tiles.
The photovoltaic tiles that fit into a cover are the most elegant solution. On the other hand, these products are expensive and do not allow a quick amortization for a car shelter.

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