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Onduclair® PC translucent cover plate

Offering glass-like light transmission and exceptional strength, Onduclair® PC is the ideal product for roofing and vertical siding of buildings of various sizes, from greenhouses to industrial and agricultural buildings.

The transparency of the Onduclair® PC roofs is comparable to that of glass.

Lean in Onduclair® PC

Onduclair® PC polycarbonate corrugated sheets combine strength, durability, and light transmission quality. They are flexible, lightweight, transparent and water-resistant. It is the ideal product for all DIY projects, with light transmission similar to glass (90%) and exceptional impact resistance. Onduclair® PC plates protect against UV rays. Different profiles and lengths are proposed to answer all the cases of figure.

The main applications Onduclair® PC

This type of plate is quite suitable for the roof of a carport.

Onduclair® PC carport

Onduclair® PC is ideally suited for roofing roofs, pergolas, greenhouses or carports, roof frames (roof windows) or garden sheds.

The advantages of the Onduclair® PC plate

Two types of profiles are proposed: corrugated or ribbed (the corrugated profile in two sizes).

Wave profiles of Onduclair® PC plates

Particularly aesthetic because of its transparency in the light (it is clear like glass), the Onduclair® PC plate is very solid and is suitable for a multitude of projects. It offers very good resistance to hail and fire. It is available in two wave sizes (small and large) and ribbed "Greca" profile.

What you need to know about the Onduclair® PC plate

Onduclair® PC plates are easily cut by electric saw or by hand. Long and straight cuts can be made with a table saw.
A cleaning will have to be done at least once a yearwith warm water and a non-abrasive detergent, wiping with a soft cloth.
UV resistance
Onduclair® PC corrugated sheets have UV protection on one side only. It is therefore necessary to take care of the laying direction of the plates so that the protected face is placed towards the sky. For easy identification, the product label is glued on the UV-protected side.

Onduclair® PC accessories

Onduclair® PC accessories

Fixing accessories are offered by the brand.

Fixing accessory

Specific attachment accessories are offered by the manufacturer.

Technical characteristics of the Onduclair® PC (Polycarbonate) plate
Standard length200, 250, 300 mm200, 250, 300 mm152, 175, 200, 250, 304 mm
Standard width112 cm109.2 centimeters92 cm
Thickness0.8 mm - 1 mm
Thermal stability-40° C to + 110° C
Crystal 90%, Opal 66%
Fire classificationEuroclass B-s1, d0
StandardComplies with EN 1013

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