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Renovating our apartment, we want to recover the old room that contained the kitchen to make a room office / guest room. On one part of the walls, the tiling that served as wall credence is placed on Plasterboard. We would therefore not want to see it anymore but do not want to remove it (because it risks tearing itself apart). Are there solutions to renovate the wall, to cover this tile (we thought of the wood paneling solution but deco question that only suits us moderately).

A quick fix would be to apply a resin on this credenza. It exists in many shades and even very modern metallic effects. A sheet on our website details the steps to apply a resin on a wall tile from Résinence.

You can also apply a filling plaster with high adhesion and then repaint. This is the same kind of product that is used to cover a decorative plaster. Check out our brochure COVERED ON AN OLD CREDIT

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