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In most cases, cracks are a source of concern for homeowners. The appearance of a crack is often a symptom of a structural deformation of the structure and can sometimes present a risk of collapse.

Causes and consequences of a crack on a house

A crack that appears on a wall, a facade, a floor or a ceiling means that there is tension on the building and it is often better to worry about it quickly.
The occurrence of a crack in a home can have multiple causes. It can be a simple problem of cracking of the coating, or come from a movement of soil, an infiltration of water, presence of a defect of construction on the building,...

A crack, according to his cause of appearance and degree of severity, may have consequences more or less disastrous for housing and its inhabitants. Indeed, a crack is sometimes only unsightly, but in some cases a risk of collapse for construction.
Thus, when a crack is formed inside or outside your home, it is necessary to take the problem seriously, in order to limit risk taking.

Risk of collapse in the presence of cracks

In case of appearance of crack, the risk of collapse is quite rare, but this is not to be excluded, because the building is weakened in the presence of this type of disorder.

Cracks, which are a real pathology of construction, are rarely safe.
A crack is often evolutionary and it is generally difficult to predict with certainty its evolution over time, even for a specialist in cracking phenomena.
The risk of collapse increases when the crack affecting the wall, ceiling, floor or facade of your home, is designated as structural and / or through. If a crack affects the very structure of a building, then the risk of collapse is present.

In order not to panic when considering the worst, it is important to remain alert to any changes. A crack that evolves can change shape, size, or orientation. These are all elements that deserve to worry and especially to act to prevent any risk of collapse.

There are other warning signs of a collapse, namely the discovery of noises. If cracking or other types of noises are heard from you, the risk of collapse can be imminent. Faced with such a situation, it is thus urgent to evacuate and to warn your neighbors of the risks they incur. The intervention of a building expert is then highly recommended, in order to evaluate the dangerousness of the cracking phenomenon that affects the construction and to set up appropriate repair work.

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