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We bought a house in December 2004. There is a living space and a semi-underground garage which is glued to the house and, above the garage, are the bedrooms and the bathroom. At the time of the acquisition, the walls had a tiny crack between the living area and the garage. Since this summer, the house is working and a big crack appears in front of and behind the house, at the junction of the two walls. I am very worried because the house is more than 14 years old, the ten-year guarantee is passed, what to do?

This is probably a problem of construction: there was no harpass (metal or masonry link) between the garage and the house when adding the garage which has a different slab.

According to the DTU: the crack must be filled with a soft seal (foam polyurethane) or an acrylic / plastic sealant / sealant and covered with a coating.

In general, this kind of problem is not serious; it stabilizes.

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