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Problem of crack on an insulation by the outer polystyrene ITE. How to close because I plugged with an acrylic cartridge and the crack reappears?

In the case of insulation from the outside, the insulation is either covered with a cladding, or a coating passed in two layers: a first layer of plaster reinforced with a fiberglass mesh, the second consisting of the finishing plaster. To properly reseal your crack, you must first clean it with a scraper and open it to reach the sound part of the coating. Then dust off the inside with a brush. Then seal with a special facade filler (DIP MASTIC MULTI-PURPOSE) and smooth with a spatula pressing to adhere the sealant on the edges of the lips of the crack. Let dry. Then apply a layer of DIP ETANCH MULTI-USAGE ANTI-INFILTRATION on the crack. Do not hesitate to consult the sheet DIP'ETANCH: CRACKS ON A WALL which is on our site.

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