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My house was built in 2010 I discovered on an outside wall located west under a panoramic window of small cracks barely visible in the form of stairs on a scraped plaster knowing that on the same wall I had an internal crack in the junction of the ceiling and the wall that I have already closed. What is it? Is it dangerous? How to close? Another small question I have 2 crack on the floor of my concrete slab of my garage is it dangerous or is it normal?

of the cracks are never "normal", even if one can understand that the first years after the construction, this one "is put in place". It is for this reason that it was formerly commonapply exterior coatings one to two years after the construction of the house.
That being said, everything depends on theevolution of these cracks. You have to watch them, and check that they do not continue to open. If they continue to open, you must contact the company that carried out the work, since you are still under the ten-year guarantee. If the company has disappeared, then you must turn to your insurance "damage book", normally contracted at the time of construction.

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