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Cracks in the thickness of a hair suddenly appeared on the wall faience of my bathroom. I'm surprised because it's over for three years and it never happened. The load-bearing wall is stone covered with plaster, I rested BA13 water-resistant glued to the Map, put my tile adhesive and my faience. Outside my house there is a slight crack in the facade that corresponds to that which has just occurred inside and therefore in my bathroom. What to do?

If the crack is visible on the other side of the wall, so outside, it is a crack through. This kind of crack should not be taken lightly because it calls into question the very strength of the building. As you are covered by the decennial, write a letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the builder and play your property damage insurance (OW) that you had to contract before the start of work (Spinetta Act). the insurance will commit an expert and will execute the urgent works while waiting to be able to implement itself the decennale of the manufacturer. Asserts that it is not a question of "aesthetic" but structural disorders, which implicate the normal destination of the good.

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