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A guiguette atmosphere is synonymous with conviviality and celebration. Whether for spending evenings outdoors, having dinner with friends or simply enjoying the beautiful weather, it is quite possible to create a guiguette atmosphere on a terrace, a balcony or in a garden. Light garlands, gingham patterns, pennants... we give you some ideas to make your guiguette garden a success.

Create a guinguette atmosphere in a garden

Create a guinguette atmosphere in a garden

How to create a guinguette atmosphere

Originally, a Guinguette was a popular Parisian cabaret making restaurant and dance venue. Then it has developed throughout France and even today we still find in some municipalities this spirit bal musette that brings friendliness and cheerfulness in the festive evenings.
Create a guinguette atmosphere in your garden to make the most of your outdoors and your guests.
In order to conceive it in the rules, you must put the package on the light that is THE symbol of the guinguettes. The table decoration is simple and without fuss. For the meal, nothing more simple, grills and a bar for a friendly moment and sharing.
Do not forget the dance floor that you can delimit with benches or chairs and plan a accordionist or albums on this theme.

Furniture and accessories for a party guinguette

If you are numerous, ask the municipality to lend you the folding tables and wooden benches used at their events, at worst you can rent them.
If you want to create a cabaret atmosphere everyday for you and your family, you can find on flea markets a beautiful wrought iron table and chairs.
If there are not enough benches or chairs, ask right and left for mismatched chairs will do the trick, it's also the advantage of the guinguette style.
For your table, a red and white gingham tablecloth, white dishes, balloon glasses, some lanterns with candles and wildflowers for decoration. Your table is ready.
Add some pennants here and there, provide boaters to each of your guests and here is your evening guinguette can begin.

Lighting, the essential for a successful guinguette atmosphere

The light is essential for the organization of a tavern in your garden so do not skimp on the electric garlands with multicolored and white bulbs. The trees, the perimeter of the terrace, the alleys, the walls of the house are all places that can accommodate these garlands. To cross or to install as to make a bright roof, the possibilities are many for a party guinguette which will also emphasize your natural space.
Opt also for additional LED or solar lighting under parasols or arbours.
Scattered all over your outside, light lanterns will finish beautifying your garden.
Fixtures can also be placed around a pool or spa (or in with appropriate lights) to extend your waterside tavern.

The guinguette for a wedding

Many couples preparing to say yes choose the guinguette theme for their wedding.
An atypical place, white garlands, tables and wooden benches for a good meal franquette. Some will not hesitate to go even further with a totally different menu than a "classic" wedding.
The wild flowers in jars of jam or bottles will replace the sophisticated bouquets.
The games of yesteryear and fair will be part of a wedding atmosphere guinguette (mess-everything, bag races, bowling, bowling,...).
The advantage of a wedding on the theme of the tavern is that it can be chic and classy (while keeping a small rustic side) and at a lower cost.

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