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The contemporary garden is a very graphic and refined garden. With him you find the sobriety of the Japanese garden and the elegance of the classic garden but with a touch of design to him. In its apparent simplicity, the contemporary garden is a perfectly structured space. It's up to you to give it life...

The contemporary garden, a graphic and refined garden

It is especially a urban garden but he finds his place in the country perfectly. Thus he will dress with as much refinement a city patio that he will accompany the large modern volumes of a barn become home.
If he mixes classical geometry with softer curves, it is to better magnify your decor. But it is also a functional garden, a garden to live. In the summer, it is a full part of the house.
It is a fairly minimalist garden: Few colors, enough plants but not too much, accessories with clean lines. But he asks for reflection and he does not improvise. If you doubt, ask a designer or an outdoor architect.

Design a contemporary garden

In this garden nothing is left to chance. The materials, colors and plants must harmonize perfectly to create an atmosphere of calm and rest.

  • The materials: This garden gives pride of place to contemporary materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum or resin. But he also revisits natural stone, slate, wood. Left raw or worked, the materials are juxtaposed, highlighting each other.
  • Colors: At the base you find the white, the black and the gray which is declined from lightest to darkest. Colors timeless and refined, they can be self-sufficient highlighting plants. But if you want a little fantasy, choose some bright accessories: Red, orange, fuchsia, anise, turquoise blue, etc...
  • Plants: They must have personality! More than quantity, it is the originality of the foliage, the color, the shape which is important. When they are cut, it is always very structured: "cloud size", ball, pyramid, etc. Their strict geometry must contrast with the soft growth of grasses and perennials.

What types of plants for a contemporary garden?

Some well chosen plants will affirm the personality of your contemporary garden. To respect the graphic aspect of the garden, plants are rather settled by genre and variety rather than scattered in space.

  • The lawn: Perfectly defined, the lawn is defined as a green carpet. Juxtaposed with a bed of pebbles or a checkered slate, it becomes modern decor. In a small patio a synthetic grass can bring the essential green touch to the contemporary garden.
  • Trees and shrubs: They are either planted in the ground for the older ones, or are installed in big pots. Choose from preferences of well-designed foliage species such as Japanese maple, ginkgo biloba, magnolia, dogwood, mahonia, etc. The dwarf bamboos, black bamboos or palm trees will bring an exotic note of good quality. This garden also gives pride of place to the topiaries of geometric shapes (boxwood, charcoal and holly of Japan) or the japanese inspiration sizes.
  • The herbs: Grasses or sedges provide flexibility and fantasy in this highly structured space.
  • The flowers: They are also chosen for their visual outline like euphorbia, alliums, arums. In fact, they are few and discrete.

The decorative elements of the contemporary garden

In recent years, outdoor designers have been bursting with imagination to decorate your contemporary garden. It is a living space and the objects that decorate it must be design and functional.
But be careful, some well-chosen pieces are better than profusion.

  • XXL pots and trays: In colored resin, raw concrete or corten steel, these pottery are essential to accommodate topiaries, palms or some flowers.
  • Garden furniture: As at home, the garden has a dining area and comfortable seating area. The materials are modern: glass, aluminum, corten steel, resin but also wood.
  • Light: It is also studied outside and inside the house. LED technology offers many possibilities of lighting from the recessed spot to the luminous sphere or the luminous furniture.

Video Instruction: A modern contemporary garden design.